Lil Wayne Visit the Fantasy Factory

Weezy has been spotted these last couple of months hitting up some of the most popular skate spots around… But what’s a skate park to a Fantasy Factory!

Like anyone else would if they could, Lil Wayne celebrated his most recent Billboard #1 by using a go-kart’s momentum to catapult up and over a ramp and into a giant foam pit, courtesy of Rob Dyrdek and his Fantasy Factory. Not bad for Weezy’s second time skating around the dream park.

Drama captured the man behind Tha Carter IV on camera as he swallowed his fear (or was that a gold crown?), stepped on a skateboard and got air before landing among an assortment of rainbow plush blocks for And look! He appears to be enjoying himself!

Drama said it was obvious Lil Wayne had been practicing, but he and Rob were still unsure if the Weezy’s board’s trucks would hold up. Did they? Check out the photos and video clip to see for yourself, and catch the million-dollar smile only a million albums sold can generate.



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