Rugby In London


What’s the word fellow fly “culturits”. Bgillings on the check in with news about Ruby by Ralph Lauren leaving the US and expanding to the UK. Now I don’t know about you but me, I’m a fan of the Rugby Swag. Who wouldn’t like the mix of upscale white collar fashion with a blend of college campus life. And I know know some of you will say that this is another young man blinded by the bandwagon of hip hop culture. FALSE. I for one have been a fan of Rugy since there debut in 2004 and have been wearing polo since I was a toddler. None the less this is a big step in the expansion of Rugby. Their London store being opened marks the 15th store in Rugby takeover. London being there second international store only sets the bar for other international openings. Maybe France? Riding your Vespa wearing a rugby carrier pack? Well were ever the next opening is I’m excited and hope to be there live and in person.

-Mr Billion


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