Never Forget


9/11 where do I begin? I was in 8th grade during math class when my teacher Ms O’Conner started bursting into tears because the first tower had just fallen. To me as a kid I never really understood why she was crying, I mean she didn’t know anyone that was in the towers (thank God). But as I got older and watching the videos over and over again I realized that this was a tragedy beyond what anyone in the US had experienced. This was the second attack by a foreign country on US soil (the first being Pearl Harbor ) but this was the first to actually reach the main land. For once the US felt vulnerable, we became reachable and that fear still lives in Americans to this day. I still remember seeing the smoke in the sky, the sound of fire engines leaving the Bronx to rush to the city, and the scent of fear in the air. I even remember laying in my bed that night listening to the sound of army helicopters patrolling the sky’s in search for any further attacks.

10 years later we’re still here standing together to honor those who lost their lives in 9/11 and those who gave their lives to protect us in the ensuing war in Iraq. I am personally honoring 9/11 by wearing GoodWood NYC’s commemorative “Never Forget” bracelet. Only 150 were made and all proceeds Go to the “Twin Tower Orphan Fund” ( for more info click ~> Never Forget )



I for one will never forget the events that transpired on September 11th 2001. That’s an image that will forever be burned in my mind. Our condolences goes to the families of victims and soldiers that have lost their lives in the tragedy of 9/11. You are truly missed and will never be forgotten.

Stay Cultured

-Mr Billion

Images From : GoodWood NYC


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