September 11: Ten Years Later

Today marks the 10th anniversary of 9-11 and as I’ve been thinking about it today, as well as the days leading up to it, I find it difficult to really summarize my feelings on this event. It seems to me like a distant nightmare, the kind that you manage to forget about in your day-to-day life until randomly and unexpectedly, pieces of it float back into your consciousness, rushing your brain with snatches of that same feeling of terror and confusion you had originally felt. I was homeschooled for a large part of my life, so on that day I was in my house studying like any other morning when my grandmother called my mother in a panic and told her to turn to the news. My whole day was disrupted and I remember watching the television anxiously, frozen as one then two towers were hit, then the pentagon and then hearing the reports of the hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. I remember being terrified as each event happened closer and closer to my home, and helping my mother pack up the car with all essential items and calling my father at work, even wondering childishly what provisions were going to be made for my pet rabbits. And after all that, just waiting. That was the worst part for me, the waiting. I sat watching the News all day and waiting for the next tragedy, losing the feeling of security and childish innocence I had always felt. In the days after, I remember the intense unity I felt with my fellow Americans; that even though we had been taken off guard, even though we’d all simultaneously felt that loss of innocence, also feeling strong and powerful as we prepared ourselves for anything, determined that we would never again be caught unawares. Ten years later and the effects of this tragedy can still be seen in any major airport and although we may disagree on what still needs to be done to ensure our safety, or what we’ve done that is unnecessary we can all agree and come together to honor those almost 3,000 lives we lost in the tragedy that changed our lives forever and to express our gratitude to those that continue to risk their lives daily to ensure our safety.


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