DJ Drama – Oh My (REMIX) ft. Trey Songz, Tity Boi & Big Sean

DJ Drama decided to enlist Trey Songz, Tity Boi & Big Sean for the remix of “Oh My.” Trey Songz is not an abstract artist so it is no secret that he indulges in lyrics that are able to undress a woman. He remains loyal to his catastrophic lyrics of sexual explosions. As if confronted by a life-threatening illness & the only prescription is sexual consummation, Trey Songz desires to taste the flesh of a woman’s innermost being. “Regardless” of his lyrics Trey Songz remains engaged to not only his recreational activities but providing “Tremaine’s Angels” with a new tune.

Tity Boi does not have “many choices” on the remix to “Oh My” as he is “married to the streets” & his goal is to “add another common” to his “racks on top of racks.” Listeners can “pause it” or “press recline” but Tity Boi’s lyrical posture is confident as he seriously aims to cure the track.

Big Sean is on a “mission” & at the “tippy” of his lyrical game on the remix of “Oh My” while “chilling on the top floor” with Trey Songz, DJ Drama & Tity Boi. As “bad b*tches” reach to touch him, he acknowledges that “b*tch n*ggas” are “dissing” him but he does not mind the “shots.”



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