“Jersey Shore” Tax Credit Approved

The state Economic Development Authority has approved covering a $420,000 tax credit for production costs from the “Jersey Shore’s” first season.

That means tax dollars will be used to offset the cost of all the club hopping, fist-pumping and fake tanning from the hit reality show’s 2009 season.

The irony that New Jersey residents will be forced to foot the bill for a show that many view as an affront to the state’s self-image is not lost on some.

Personally, I am disgusted by these news, and FYI I am NOT from Jersey. I’ll admit Jersey Shore is entertaining and everything, but it is nothing but a bunch of people partying, getting arrested and acting reckless for the entertainment of others. It does NOT educate or make a positive impact in society at all. So my question is why? Why make hardworking people pay for something as stupid as a reality TV show? Who do we have working in the Government that approved this? Why not focus on important topics that can benefit the community?

The article says that “the production’s presence in town gives a big boost to the local economy.” If we’re soo worried about the local economy, why not try and think about creating more job opportunities? Wouldn’t that make more sense? I am seriously scared to know that we have people working with this type of ignorant mentality in such an important role as the state’s “Economic Development Authority”  What a joke!



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