Pick A Foam Any Foam


So over the last 2 years Nike has released their patented Nike Foamposites in a various colors. So today I decided to talk about my favorite foam. It may come to a surprise to my fellow sneaker heads but my favorite foam is the “Copper Foams”.


Now don’t get me wrong nothing beats the Original “Royal Blues” but it’s just something about putting on those metallic Copper foams that just speaks to me. And fellas don’t try to match the coppers too much. There’s no need to wear and black and copper shirt with black and copper sneakers. Burgundies, Yellows, Browns and Dark Blues, Will work, but that’s only if you want to step out the box a little. All in all the coppers are a great sneaker and a challenge to wear but once you have the right elements you will be able to Crush any outfit you put together with them. That’s all for now culture community

(Cultured Community Tell Me Your Favorite Foams Comment And Post Your Pictures)

Stay Cultured

Mr Billion


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