And Down Goes Ortiz!

Across the social media world the news is buzzing over Floyd “Money”  Mayweather’s victory over his opponent “Vicious” Victor Ortiz. Some may say Mayweather cheated and hit the young fighter while he was unprepared. Others will argue that this is boxing and the first rule is stay protected at all times. Me on the other hand will say that Ortiz got what he had coming to him. Through the entire fight Ortiz was continuously hitting Mayweather in back of the head and then the cowardly move of a blatant head but in the 4th round. So was the young fighter not ready YES, Did “Money” give him a cheap shot NO. The fight had restarted and Mayweather showed no mercy on the young fighter. So to the Champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather CHEERS from me 42-0 is a great accomplishment and now there’s only one more thing to do. Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao!!!!

(Cultured Community Comment and let me know how you feel)

Stay Cultured

Mr Billion


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