Fall Fashion Essentials!

So with the temperature drops in the last few days, I can no longer ignore the fact that fall is almost upon us. Where I live the temperature changed from 87 degrees to 65 degrees in two days, so it’s officially almost time to start packing away my tiny sundresses, sandals, denim cutoffs and bikinis and start thinking about layering, scarves, sweaters and boots. I figured I would share some of my favorite fall essentials with you all as we all prepare for the full switch to Autumn and try not to get sick during this awkward in between time.

*Chunky oversized knit sweaters.

*Oversized blazers

*Biker/Combat boots (Zoe Saldana had a beautiful pair in Colombiana, although she was demonstrating how to wear them in warmer climates, they look just as good with skinny jeans and chunky pushed down socks.)

*Thick cable knit tights for layering with oversized sweaters, paper bag waisted shorts, leather shorts, and just about anything else you can think of.


*Earth tones, cranberries, taupes, navys, greys, leopard prints, plaids. Floral prints, tribal prints

*Textures! – one thing I love about fall is all the different textures, whether its leather, canvas, cable knit sweaters, faux fur, denim or feathers, I really feel like they give a nice depth to a fall wardrobe.

I would also say, don’t be afraid to online shop from overseas or from brands that are exclusively online! While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it if you need a piece quickly as processing and shipping can be a little long (as I learned on my birthday last year) I always like to check out European sites for a little variety. A few examples are: Asos.com and Topshop.com

And finally Vintage/thrifting…. Ever show up somewhere and see someone else wearing your exact dress or top? I’m in love with the whole vintage and thrifting streetstyle movement and how you can really take an old classic piece and put your own modern take on it, without being too cookie cutter. You can almost guarantee no one else has that exact piece in their wardrobe and I also feel like it demands creativity because you really have to know how to spot treasures among trash and find a way to tailor whatever piece you find to your own personal style.

These are just a few of the things that are catching my eye this fall; but as always, wear what YOU want! There will always be a million new “Trends” or do’s and don’ts in fashion but the important thing is to wear things that make you feel good. Nothing is more fashionable than confidence!

Happy Shopping and as always Stay Cultured!


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