Troy Davis UNJUST Execution

So I’m a little late on the whole Troy Davis Story. I didn’t know what was going on; why people were writing they were upset with his situation, but now I join in their anger because this is seriously unfair for him and his family. From what I’ve read in a couple of articles; this man, may he rest in peace, was executed FOUR YEARS LATER for killing a police officer.

Now excuse my ignorance, I may not be so familiar with this case, or the laws out there, but I have never heard of someone getting executed over something like this. Perhaps I’ve heard of 20, 50 years, or maybe a whole life sentence, but execution? you have GOT to be kidding me. I’m sorry to pull this card right now, but I believe racism has a lot to do with this decision. Like, I said I am not familiar with this case, I do not know if there was enough proof to sentence this man to such a severe punishment, and even if there was enough proof it is clear to me, and many people out there that a death sentence was not necessary. While browsing around on the internet, I’ve also read about this case being compared to the Casey Anthony case. Why was this woman not sentenced? Is it because she is white? maybe because she is a woman? Who knows; but it certainly looks racist to me.

This is also very ironic to me. I have heard, witnessed and read many stories about police taking advantage of people they arrest. I have seen cops insult, hurt and unfairly treat people they arrest, and just because they are “the law” they get away with it. I remember a couple of years back, if I am not mistaken, of police running over a young girl who died instantly. Did the officers get a death sentence? No. All I remember is that there was “further investigation” which needed to be done. This is one of many stories of police officers hurting people; and the government does NOTHING about it. They rather protect their “big boys”, than the community itself. Every time I read the “motto” that police cars have on them, those three words that say “RESPECT, PROTECT AND SERVE,” I laugh. Most of the officers I’ve encountered and read about, do the exact opposite of what their jobs state.

Troy Davis’ story is another example of how unfair the people in charge to “protect” us can be at times. I wonder, did Mr. Davis have at least a good lawyer to defend him? Or did the state just put anyone who probably didn’t believe in him to help him through this? Because a good lawyer I believe wouldn’t have settled for an outcome like this. Or maybe, the jury was just too ignorant and blinded by ethnic stereotypes, to give a verdict like this. Whatever the case may be, Troy Davis’ execution was a huge injustice that I hope, whoever took part in, will pay for.

Yazumi K.


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