The 25 Most Stylish Latino-Americans

Desi Arnaz


In honor of National Hispanic Month (Sept 15th – Oct 15th) the folks over at Complex have put together a list of the 25 Most Stylish Latino – Americans from musicians, baseball, to fashion… Lets See!

Desi Arnaz

Heritage: Cuban
Hustle: Actor

The hard-working Arnaz had an extensive showbiz career before I Love Lucy, but it was his effortlessness in a suit and judicious use of the bowtie on-screen that put him on the pop culture map.

Benicio Del Toro

Heritage: Puerto Rican
Hustle: Actor

This Oscar winner is the living embodiment of a handsome devil, bringing the kind of intensity to his film roles that makes it seem totally normal that he recently became a father after a fling with Rod Stewart’s daughter last year: the ladies love this guy.

Jim Jones & Juelz Santana

Heritage: Jim: Puerto Rican; Juelz: Dominican
Hustle: Rappers

At their peak, the Diplomats basically had leeway to tell anyone on the planet, “You mad ‘cuz I’m stylin’ on you.” Cam’ron made the hood love pink, but scratch beneath the flamboyance and you’ll notice that Juelz and Jimmy were no slouches. You can almost single-handedly blame the two for getting dudes to slim down on the mountains of fabric they were used to wearing.

Danny Trejo

Heritage: Mexican
Hustle: Actor

Whether in a Supreme Starter hat on the cover of Sneeze or pulled-together in a suit at a movie premiere, Danny gets major points for proving that the clothes don’t make the man.



Heritage: Dominican/Guatemala
Hustle: Producer

Araabmuzik’s musical prowess is proven in countless videos of the young man’s blinding abilities with the MPC. Most entertaining have been his recent excursions into chopping up dance music and metal into signature-sound masterpieces. We see the same approach in his personal style, a healthy mix of streetwear and hoodrat staples that keeps you from being able to precisely pin the guy down.

Alex Rodriguez

Heritage: Dominican
Hustle: Baseball Player, New York Yankees

A-Rod is a record-breaking baseball player with character to spare. And yes, that character sometimes involves steroid use scandals and allegedly giving Madonna the business, but it’s never caused A-Rod to miss a beat when it comes to dressing appropriately for the occasion.

For the Full list of The 25 Most Stylish Latino-Americans visit: Complex


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