“Facebook” and it’s growing ways to invade our privacy

I remember when Facebook first started and you could only get on it if you went to college. Now everyone and their mother is on facebook. This social network has grown more and more over the years and with it has brought along many changes for its users. I personally don’t like the new facebook. I think it’s a horrible way to invade our privacy and it’s only a matter of time until many relationships and jobs are lost. Every time one updates a status, it automatically generates the person’s location. I, personally don’t want people knowing where I am at all times.

The worst thing about this is, they don’t let you choose if you wanna upgrade to the new version or if you wanna stay on the original one. Why force us to this change? I’m about to go back to myspace!!! Just kidding. But honestly, this just pushes me into twitter more. Many people are cancelling their subscriptions to facebook. I guess facebook would be good for advertising purposes, but not to have as a personal profile. I am already contemplating on deleting mine. I advise for many out there that think like me, that facebook is invading our privacy; do us all a favor and go ahead and cancel your account, spare us the complaints on the news feed, let’s use our heads now, you dont like the change, either deal with it or move on to another social network. Thank you!

If you wanna learn more about these changes to facebook visit this link: Source

Yazumi K.


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