BIG Sean’s nude pictures uncovered this week

So this week, some pictures of Big Sean surfaced of him standing in his bathroom naked, proudly taking pictures of himself in the mirror with his laptop. All I could think of was…”again”? At this point, celebrity naked pictures are starting to feel at worst an insult to my intelligence (really, these pictures just happened to accidentally come out? After so many celebrities before you have demonstrated that you should NOT send pictures of yourself to random groupies or leave them on phones and computers to be “lost” or stolen by your assistants?) and at best they are just boring. How many times am I supposed to be scandalized and outraged by these pictures? I think for a lot of celebrities naked pictures are some sort of rite of passage, or something that you do to keep your name in peoples minds. Big Sean’s photo seems especially purposeful, especially since Kanye West had the same “Scandal” about a year ago. A few weeks ago, Scarlett Johansson had naked pictures of her surface and a few days ago she addressed it publicly for the first time, although she seemed genuinely upset to me and is actually involving the FBI who say they are closing in on a ring of people who have hacked over 50 female celebrities’ phone’s for similar pictures. So ok, maybe sometimes it is a legitimate accident, but Big Sean’s photos an accident? Nahhh…

(See Big Sean’s pic here)


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