TI$A By Taz Arnold

If you haven’t noticed TISA… The brand that has been spotted in countless “Big Sean” videos or being worn by the likes of Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa . From the creative mind of Taz Arnold… “Tisa, in Swahili, means “ninth born.” And “tesa” in Arabic, means “nine.” And in numerology, 9 means completion. Eight is infinity when you turn it on the side, and then 9 is 0 and 1 together, and it means completion in numerology. So TI$a would be a complete vision. TI$A Vision. And it also stands for Taz Is So Arnold, but the collective is called TI$A, and it stands for completion.

Taz Arnold and his TI$A brand are holding steady on the forefront of fashion these days, thanks to a unique style that draws from influences found all over the world.


TISA snapback are the most prevelant piece of apparell they have. Adourned by the likes of Big Sean and Chris Brown… the snapback draws from the vintage look and quality of the OG deadstock snapbacks of the past.

The TISA Logo may have stumped a few when it came to researching the brand. ” The red Letter T, a yellow sideways eve dipiction, blue dollar sign, and red triangle is branded on all there vintage exclusive merchandise… other merchandise done with affilates seem to have the Jaws and tigerish cat like design.  Below is a duffle bag designed by  TISA /MCM to show the stylish approach these two brands have on one item

ti$avi$ion.tv is the brainchild of chief creative visionary tAz Arnold, “I created this program so people can start to see things in a new way that is not so fragmented; this is a first in media and a new platform which will help ti$a and the collective synthesis to communicate more effectively with our unique and ultra creative audience” says Arnold.
Along with tAz’s chic and magnanimously styled quintet of beautiful women, he goes where no other man has gone before. Limited only by his own imagination, tAz delves into ancient mysteries and otherworldly perspectives culminating into a series of stellar visuals, melodies and harmonics while focusing on thoughts of peace and uniting ones inner grid or colored wheels known as the chakra rainbow. Electrochemically speaking one double bonds the excrement with electric sweat combined with magnetic bile creating the alchemist’s grand palette also known as ti$a’s plethora of beauty. This is the beginning of a new creative cycle with renewed energy and a new perspective. As the mind progresses so will the rhetoric nuances and aesthetic. Stay tuned the journey is just beginning! ti$avi$ion.tv we run this Art $hit!

“Conceived and written by tAz Arnold”

Be on the look out for TISA …. Fly Talk!!!


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