Like My Watch?

So Cultured Community today i decided to talk about something that near and dear to my heart…..The Watch. Now when it comes to watches there are a lot of “flavors” to choose from. I like to put them in categories based on there functionality and what you can wear them with. You have the Sport, the Casual, The Formal, and the Club. Now as a man it is a must that you have more than one watch, but not just quantity but also style. You don’t want to be called to a formal event and you only have G-Shock’s to choose from. Ladies this goes for you too. I know for the most part its all about the bracelets and such, but there is nothing wrong with putting on a nice Michael Kors watch.

Now as far as the category of watch goes lets talk about the sport. This is a watch that you can obviously wear while playing a sport, but more than anything a watch that can take a licking and keep on ticking (no pun intended). This is the watch that you put on knowing that there is a strong possibility that  its going to get scratched, scuffed, beat up, drown in water/coffee , and still give you accurate time/date. For this category I would definitely  say that  Casio’s G-Shock models fits best. With its “Shock-resistant” and “All-directional” covering technology, G-Shock forms best for your most durable not to mention stylish watches. ( More on G-shock’s technology click here ). G-Shock is also noted for a watch worn by the “celebs”. You can find pictures of different celebrities wearing the g shock brand from Eminem, Fabolous, Justin Bieber, and the list goes on.  All in all G-Shock is a great sporty and durable watch.

Next on the list is you Casual watch. For me when it comes to a casual watch i would try to go with something with a leather band. I would suggest a watch in the Cartier family. Now believe me I know that a Cartier watch is expensive, but when you are a watch enthusiast you should be able to make an investment on a watch that is going to last you for years and looks the part you need it to play. If you don’t have the money to purchase a Cartier Aldo’s also has a great selection of men and women’s watches that will be as appealing to the eye. Wether is a Cartier or an Aldo a casual watch is a must have.

On to the Formal watch. This is the watch that was made for the suit. This is the watch you put on that not only complements your outfit but makes a statement about who you are. When it comes to the formal watch I would go for more of a Steele/Chrome finish. You can not fail with that Unibody look, with the right watch and suit people might mistake your for a british intelligence agent “Shaken Not Stirred”. In this category nothing beats the Classic Breitling. Trust me design, durability, fashion, style, what ever you want to call it Breitling has you covered. From it’s Sapphire  Crystal face to it unibody design Breitling for lack of a better word is Flawless. “Elegance. Performance. Precision.”  thats the way Breitling builds there watches and that’s they way they should be worn. If Breitling’s are out of your reach there is nothing wrong with going for the “yard man classic” Mavado . This sleek design with Mavado’s No Number face complements the man as well as the suit.

Last but not least we have the club watch. This is the watch that you want people to see from the other side of the room. When it comes to this watch Diamonds and big faces are key,  also unique watch faces work out just as well. Some honorable mentions go to Techo Master, Flud Watches, Wood-Shock.

From top to bottom line you need multiple watches to fit every different occasion and style. The watch is essential for every male or female.  Thats all for now cultured community.

Stay Cultured

-Mr Billion.


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