Sneaker Review: Big Sean’s Sneaker Rotation

Big Sean’s been at the forefront and origin of both in the hip-hop community. Sneakers? No different. Sure he’s picked up some high-end habits from his big bro Yeezy, but Sean’s been rocking a steady rotation of retro Jordans and sneaker heat when his peers were stuck on white on whites. Need proof? Reference “Getcha Some”, circa 2007. With his debut album Finally Famous in stores, we find out what Big Sean’s rocking while he was preparing for his big release.

Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement

Big Sean: “Those are my favorite. Jordans just look good, (they’re) perfectly engineered. From the 3s, to the 4s, 5s, 6s…”


Air Jordan 8 “Aqua”

Big Sean: “I had the black and grey 8s and the white and reds ones, but I just love how the “Aquas” are. I got those right when they dropped.”

Balanciega Sneakers

Big Sean: “Real fresh, plain, you know stunting on the low. Nobody knows what they are sometimes because they look like regular shoes but really they’re $900.”


 Air Jordan 7 “Raptor”

Big Sean: “I love performing in those just because they’re good performance shoes. Jordans are easy to move around in. I go crazy when I perform so I can’t be f*cking my ankle up or nothing like that.”


 adidas Originals JS Wings

Big Sean: “They have a f*cking wing on em! Fresh. They’re some real Gs over there (at adidas).”


Stay tuned to Big Sean and his music, definately a breath of fresh air… Keep up with his styling by picking up a few pairs of his favorite sneakers as noted above… Good Luck finding  the OG Jordans outside of there release dates… Unless you have an “hook up” like Big Sean….  Stay Cultured!



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