Apple iPhone 4S (Alleged iPhone 5)

It’s been a long time coming: The Apple event was scheduled to today at 1 p.m. Eastern Time (10 a.m. Pacific). But this isn’t just any Apple event. Not only is it the long-rumored and much delayed unveiling of the iPhone 5, this also mark the first Apple event with new CEO Tim Cook at the helm since Steve Jobs resigned in August. All eyes were on Cupertino to see what Apple’s had in store, and how it would all play out……

The New iPhone 4S:

…..Nope your not dreaming there is No iPhone 5 but and upgraded iPhone 4, updates include:

  • Retina Display — Same as the iPhone 4, the screen that render pixels unseeable.
  • Glass Casing — Layered on the back of the device.
  • A5 Chip — Supports dual-core graphics, and is said by Apple to be seven times faster than the iPhone 4.
  • 8 MegaPixel Camera — Lets in 73% more light, 33% fast shutter speed, back-lighting, and overall improved sharpness/color.(Note: At 3364 x 2448, iPhone 5 has a 60 percent pixel boost over the iPhone 4. The camera is also much faster — it only takes 1.1 seconds to take a picture, .5 seconds for a second picture — and that’s 2 to 3 times faster than competing Android phones.)
  • 1080p Video Recording — Boasts better quality than the iPhone 4, which caps out at 720p.
  • Faster Downloads — Twice as fast as iPhone 4; 14.4MBs per second vs. 7.2MBs per second.
  • Siri — Apple’s new intelligent assistant that utilizes voice commands. Apparently, you can ask it for directions, have it dictate messages, set reminders, bring up maps, and even talk about the weather. Siri remembers previous chats and adapts.

Battery Usage:

  • 3G Talk Time — 8 Hours
  • 2G Talk Time — 14 Hours
  • 3G Browsing — 6 Hours
  • Wi-Fi Browsing — 9 Hours
  • Video Playback — 10 Hours
  • Music Playback — 40 Hours

Availability and Pricing:

  • Available October 14
  • Preorders start this Friday, October 7th.
  • Available on AT&T, Verizon and Spring Carriers
  • $199 for 16GB iPhone 4S, $299 for 32GB iPhone 4S, $399 for 64GB iPhone 4S
  • Black and white versions available
  • 8GB iPhone 4 is now $99
  • 16GB iPhone 4 is now $199
  •  8GB iPhone 3GS free with a contract


October 12th: IOS5 Software download

October 14th: iPhone 4s

Tim Cook

Cook hasn’t been much of a presence in most Apple events up till now, although he made an appearance at the “antennagate” press conference last year and led the Verizon iPhone launch (technically a Verizon event) back in January. Cook’s certainly a leader, but his presence is much more measured than Jobs’ legendary showmanship.

That could be exactly what Apple needs today. Since Jobs resigned in August because of his failing health, it’s clear the company didn’t want to make a bigger show than necessary for the iPhone 4S launch. The Cupertino auditorium seats 250 people, quite a bit less than Apple’s usual turnout. As such, this whole affair is more low-key than iPhone launches of the past, with a lot less self-congratulations or whoop-whooping from an Apple-stocked crowd. In keeping with this subdued spirit, Apple did not live-streaming the event but live blog… while a few rebels took pics and attempted streaming.

The Rumors Mill (Some truths)

The next iPhone will look a lot like the last one. It’ll be an incremental upgrade, design-wise, and won’t be called the iPhone 5 (iPhone 4S appears to be the leading candidate for the name). The processor will be the Apple A5, the same chip found in the iPad 2, and it’ll sport an 8-megapixel camera. There’s virtually no chance it’ll have LTE connectivity or an NFC chip, but the AT&T version will support HSPA+ 21 networks.

If the name of the event is any indication, voice recognition will factor highly as a new feature. Last yearApple acquired Siri, a company that makes voice-to-text software, and some blogs have reported that the next iPhone will have much more extensive voice control than previous models, essentially bestowing the user with a “personal assistant.”

Changing the game even more will be the addition of Sprint to the U.S. carriers that offer the phone. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Sprint is paying billions to get the iPhone in order to keep its customers from defecting. (Of course, there’s always the crazy, out-of-left-field rumor that Sprint will exclusively get the iPhone 4S while AT&T and Verizon get the iPhone 4S, for whatever that’s worth.) When will it be on store shelves? Best guess: Oct. 21. iPhone launches are always on Fridays, typically two to three weeks after the unveiling. Happy Halloween.

“As far as im concerned I will get the iPhone 4S if I can sell my IPhone 4 for $150…. ”

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