Tyler, The Creator Interviews Nas for XXL’s Nov. Issue

XXL Nov 2011

XXL did the artist-interview-artist thing for their upcoming November issue. They chose Tyler, The Creator to interview hip-hop street’s disciple Nasir Jones. Their topics of conversation: music, religion, family, decision making, drugs, the Internet, and… Star Wars. Man, this could be really dope or really awkward, but I’m looking forward to it. Tyler even names God’s Son as his favorite Nas album and Street’s Disciple as his second fav.

“Tyler: Are you, like—this question might catch you off guard, but I ask myself this—like, when you wake up, like, are you happy,” Tyler asked. “Like, are you satisfied how everything turned out?”

“Nas: Dawg, I was naming my album Life Is Good because of how happy I am about how happy things have turned out,” Nas answered. “Sometimes I may wake up and wish my kids were living with me. That’s the only thing, you know what I mean? Our loved ones that are not around no more, like my mom. That’s the only thing. But other than that, everything is great, even when I’m alone. Even when there’s no one around.”

Tyler, The Creator asks Nas some honest questions. This might not be what the music heads were looking for but with Nas being such an elusive interview subject, I think we’re in for some big surprises.

The following exchange comes after Tyler gives Nas props for his song “Me and You,” which was featured Street’s Disciple and dedicated to his daughter, Destiny.

Tyler: Your daughter’s name is Destiny, right?

Nas: Yeah.

Tyler: How old is she now?

Nas: 17.

Tyler: That’s sick. I remember the song you dedicated to her off Street’s Disciple, the second disc.

Nas: Yeah.

Tyler: I love that beat. That song’s legit.

Nas: Aw, thanks, man. It’s crazy, because when she was young, she was a baby, I thought, Aw, man, I’m gonna quit this rap shit before she becomes old enough to even know what I’m doing, what I did for a living. I never thought that I’d be still doing it while she’s a teen, growing up. And I’m still in the game. It kind of fucks me up.

Tyler: It’s kind of weird, huh?

Nas: It’s weird as fuck sometimes. But then, other times, it’s, like, perfect. It’s, like, I’m glad it worked out this way. ’Cause then I would have to be telling her, “No, I really was a somebody in rap. Like, you got to believe me!”

Tyler: She’d be like, “What the fuck you talking about, nigga? I’m about to go to the mall.”

Nas: Exactly, exactly, dude. That shit is amazing.

Do you like cheese?

I love cheese.

Cheddar or Swiss?

Swiss. Cheddar for the most of my life. Today, it’s Swiss.

Sick. That’s cool. I love fuckin’ cheddar. That’s my shit.

Why? Why did you ask?

I don’t know. I just want to know. I don’t know. What do you do, like, in your spare time? Do you play Xbox or anything?

No, I’ve actually spent a lot of time being lonely as fuck, you know? It’s, like…you just do nothing.

Check Out the XXL November Issue for the complete Interview



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