McDonald’s Woman Beater Explains His Side Of The Story Live From Rikers Island

A McDonald’s cashier who swapped Happy Meals for jail fare after an ugly fast-food fight says he was goaded by a foul-mouthed customer who threatened to cut him up.

Rayon McIntosh, in an exclusive Rikers Island interview with the Daily News, said yesterday that he only smacked the woman and her friend with a metal bar after they jumped the counter and attacked him.

The first patron “started getting really aggressive,” said McIntosh, giving his version of the brawl for the first time.

“She came in angry,” he said. “I tried to keep things calm as best I could.”

The ex-con, who served about a decade on a manslaughter rap, said his Oct. 13 shift at the Greenwich Village eatery was uneventful before his two tormenters arrived.

“I was not looking for trouble,” said McIntosh, 31, wearing a crisp gray jail outfit. “The trouble found me. People are portraying me as a vicious attacker.

“I was just working at my job when I was attacked for no reason. I’m not a heartless person.”

We TOTALLY get it that Mr. MacIntosh was attacked, cursed, and disrespected. Without question he has a right to defend himself from the two crazy beyotches that hopped the counter to catch fade, however, beating them over and over after they had hit the ground and fracturing a skull is a LITTLE overkill.

While we hope that he isn’t imprisoned for 10 years, if he gets 2-3, we will understand.

What say you??



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