Exotic Animal Massacre in Zanesville Ohio

This past tuesday, a mentally ill man from Ohio decided to free tigers, bears, lions and many other exotic animals from an animal reserve he owned. He later on decided to commit suicide and killed himself. Zanesville’ police department decided to go ahead and commit the most horrendous massacre I have ever witnessed in my entire life. The sheriff made the call and put in the order for police officers to shoot at these animals at first sight with their weapons. According to their story they first tried to tranquilize the animals but they became more aggressive. 

After seeing all the pictures from these, already in danger to be extinct, animals, this story deeply infuriated me. Let’s all use common sense, animals, ALL OF THEM, will only attack if they feel attacked. It is part of nature, as it is for humans. These police officers, decided that killing these animals would be the best for the community, but apparently as we can see it was not the best for these poor animals, who had NO FAULT, in this stupid act of desperation this mentally ill committed. Just because we are humans and we are at the top of the chain, does not give us the right to kill animals, especially in such a horrendous way. Men always think of themselves as the alpha male and whatnot. But at the sight of a bigger animal, they become cowards and decide to act like savages and shoot to kill. So who is the animal now?

I am disggusted by my kind. This massacre only pushes me more to find a way to help animals, who in my point of view are worth more than men itself. Animals love you unconditionally, they are loyal and protective of their owners. Some humans, are the complete opposite of this. We are killing one another, we discriminate against our own kind just because of the color of their skin, and where they come from. We are more focused on social networks, celebrities and their lives, instead of worrying about stuff that really matters, such as these poor animals who are on the verge of extinction and no one seems to be doing nothing about it.

Let’s try and help this massacre stop and help these poor animals from becoming victims of men brutality. Check out this website to find out how to help save and protect animals at  WWF’s Website


5 thoughts on “Exotic Animal Massacre in Zanesville Ohio

  1. Nice coaching from the sidelines; read the story is GQ about what happened. and next time, get a fucking clue before you throw out an opinion.

  2. Umm opinions are like ass holes every buddy has one lol

    Bye the way what did they do with those pelts probably sold them on the black market

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