Drake Sweater Failures and Success

Drake has been under allot of scrutiny regarding his style and wack music videos… Drake recently professed his love for sweaters to the world.

“I like sweaters. I have a sweater obsession, I guess,” Drake said. Though he was adamant that he doesn’t wear sweaters all the time — ”Look, I wore a winter sweater on the MTV awards and everyone thinks I wear sweaters every day”  he continues on to say, “I don’t know, that’s honestly my favorite clothing item.”

So let take a minute to review drakes sweater choices and decide for ourselves….   Drake Sweater Failures and Success:


Drake at the BET Awards….


Drake Rocking an Alexander McQueen sweater


Drake in “Headlines” Video


Saturday Night Live Skit… joking about sweaters… but could you imagine?


Don’t Get me wrong I actually like the October’s Very Own logo and the OVO text works perfectly but this sweater just reminds me of a “press on logo shirt”…


No Words… looks like a sweater you would find in a back rack at Marshalls

All In all… I do believe Drake can pull off a Success full sweater but he may want to asks someone “if this works” before he steps out the house or tour bus


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