Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down Crying at CT Performance

Jennifer Lopez couldn’t help but break down crying at Mohegan Sun’s 15th anniversary performance in Uncasville, CT. After singing an acoustic version of “If You Had My Love” J-Lo broke down in tears as “she took a trip down to memory lane” she stated. Some of her backup dancers included look-alikes of her past loves; such as Ben Affleck, Diddy, and Marc Anthony.

Yeah, it’s sad how J-Lo’s love stories have ended after a couple of years, but the saddest part about it is that she doesn’t seem to stop. I’m soo tired of hearing poor J-Lo, she’s getting a divorce AGAIN.! I’m not saying, please stop dating and meeting other people, because one should always keep her heart open to love, but her big mistake is taking it to the next level and getting married. Many celebrities, I feel, think marriage is a game. Marriage means you are to be with the person you choose through thick and thin, for better or worse, and most marriages end with “until death do us part.” What part of those vows does J-Lo NOT understand?

I’m sorry I don’t feel bad for this girl. I DO feel bad for those twins, it’s not their fault they have irresponsible parents, who before thinking of procreating, did not think of the commitment they were making. In divorces, unfortunately, the kids are the ones that suffer the most. Maybe this will help J-Lo think twice or hopefully TEN TIMES before deciding to go down the aisle AGAIN!!!



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