Webbie Banned from 106 & Park

After Webbie’s appearance on BET’s 106 & Park on October 15, 2011. Host Terrence J announced that he is banned from the show and will no longer be welcome on the show and BET itself. There are many rumors to why this decision was made. One of them was that the rapper smelled like marijuana and said offensive comments to Rocsi’s ear.

Webbie responded to this announcement by threatening Terrence J and stating he will punch him once he sees him, this is his response to Terrence J:

I am BET. That’s on ol’ girl [Rocsi], she wanted this d*ck. Y’all seen the picture,” he said referencing a picture that surfaced of Rocsi hugging him. “I didn’t even know who the little b*tch was at first. I’m feeling somebody behind me and I’m like ‘What the f*ck?’ Then I see that h*e. Then I see this busta ass n*gga [Terrence J] from across the stage and he’s like… [looks away from the camera]. You know how the bustas be when they try to act like they aint look? Next thing you know he come on tv ‘Hey Webbie is banned off tv from BET.’ Man get your h*e man.




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