Celebrity Halloween Look-A-Like Kits 2011….lol

Shoe: Nike MAG 2011 / Accessories: Hover Board, Self-Fitting Jacket, Sports Almanac The greatest shoe that never was, was earlier this year, making this costume almost too obvious. The tough part may be finding a sidekick who can pull of playing Doc Emmett Brown. That guy was nuts and spent most of his time either alone in his garage or hanging out with a kid still in high school. How did no one bring that up?

Shoe: Swizz Beatz for Reebok Kamikaze III / Accessories: Versace Silk Shirt (Wear Open), Tons of Chains, Wing Stop 10 Piece Combo Rozay! This may be the most fun costume you can rock this year. It’s just ungh and ruhh all night. The most important element of imitating RAWSE is to own it, especially if you’re on the heavy side. Let that shirt stay open. Ross did a magazine cover with his shirt off, and that’s self-confidence money just can’t

Shoe: New Balance 991 / Accessories: iPad, iMac, iPod, iPhone, Mock Turtleneck Tread carefully with this one. Jobs changed the world in multiple avenues, so if you’re going to try to pull it off, represent him with respect. Jobs rocked the 991 (The 993 will work, too) and his mock turtle on a steady rotation. Carry your iPod and if the DJ sucks, you’re covered. Just remember, don’t be the Too-Soon Guy.

Shoe: Air Jordan 6 “Infrared” / Accessories: Loads of Bracelets, American Flag Bandana, A Throne on Which to Sit All denim and some Jordans? That ish cray. To get the Ye look, rock more jean than a Canadian Tuxedo wholesaler’s convention, but couple it with some high fashion flare. Might as well get wild, too, ’cause who gon’ stop you, huh?

Shoe: Air Jordan 1 “Banned” / Accessories: Just Don Snapback, ‘How Much You Love Your Lady?’ Money, Gucci Baby Carrier He invented swag, so who better to look like around a bunch of girls looking for trouble than Jiggaman? Strap on that gator band, rent yourself a Maybach and you’ll really have the look. And since B has one in the oven, this may be Jay’s last year to get after it. Play your cards right and you’ll have her chanting “Ho-va! Ho-Va!” in no time.

Shoe: Vans Authentic / Accessories Skateboard, Women’s Leopard Jeggings, It’s Young Moola, baby. Weezy’s pants were more the topic of conversation than his performance itself after the VMAs, but then he went platinum in a week; the ultimate “I don’t give a $!@# about your thoughts on my pants.” For detail, make sure you rock your jegging no higher than mid-thigh, and cover yourself in tats. Bonus points if you can convince your real dad to go as Birdman.


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