New Apple Store App Arrives Today, Offering In-Store Pick-Up And Self Check-Out

Streamlining the entire process of purchasing so that you can buy everything Apple has to offer, the company will be launching an Apple Store app today, enabling in-store pickup for purchases made through the app or online and self check-out if you show up in-person.

Upon making your order, non-custom items will take approximately 12 minutes to be available for pick-up at an Apple retail store. Custom orders will be ready 12 minutes after customers receive a push notification saying their order has arrived in-store. All of these purchases will have free shipping, and customers purchasing through the app will be given inventory priority.

As for self check-out, in-store customers will be able to scan items via the app on an iOS device and charge the purchase to the credit card associated to their Apple ID. Apple supposedly won’t check your purchases so that could get a little messy and morally corrupted.

Apple expects sales to jump by 30%, but in cutting down any and all human interaction, retail jobs might be lost.


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