Big Sean Performs VEVO Go Show on Hollywood BLVD.

I like the way VEVO has been pulling these pop-up performances together. They really do seem organic and are shot very well. For their latest installment of VEVO Go, Big Sean rocked “Celebrity” feat. Dwele on Hollywood BLVD.


One thought on “Big Sean Performs VEVO Go Show on Hollywood BLVD.

  1. Here we go again, rappers we must realize that the image we portray is indelible and can either uplift or betray or people. How did Common put it: “Go beyond the surface a person’s a person, but when we lessen our women our condition seems to worsen.” Big Sean is accompanied by three white girls and raps that he needs a girl that looks better than his girlfriend while pointing to them. What this does is typify the inadequacy complex in the black male that subconsciously says that in order to be equal to the white man who has emasculated my manhood through the psychological programming of slavery, i must equivocate myself by fancying his woman. To our black women, it sends the message that they are second class citizens within their own race because their king/protector, who is supposed to dignify and retrieve them from the psychosis of subconscious self worth misappraisal from the slave master’s denigration and objectification of them, is choosing to abandon them for the woman who sees them as subhuman as the master does. Its easy to get caught up in the exoticism of white women, but ask yourself, wasn’t there a reason why Europeans routinely traveled to Abyssinia and Nubia? The explorers, who became the enslavers, are on record saying that black women are the most beautiful women in the world. Black men we should know this better than anyone.

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