11 Differences Between the 2008 & 2011 Black/Cement Air Jordan 3s…


If you examine the tongue closely, you will see that the 2008 version of the “Black Cement” Air Jordan 3 possesses smaller perforations than those seen on the upcoming 2011 pair. The perforations are more compacted and closer to one another, whereas on the 2011 version, the perforations are noticeably bigger and spaced out.

Varsity Red

Color is a constant change that we have noticed on today’s retros in comparison with the retros of the early 2000s and ’90s. The 2011 version’s shade of Varsity Red is noticeably darker and is closer to a Crimson tone. You can definitely notice a difference on the Jumpman logo and the tongue border, two attributes that are much brighter on the 2008 version.

Product tag

This time around, Jordan Brand kept the product tag placement more in tune with the majority of the sneakers we own today. The 2011 version features the product tag on the inner side of the tongue. Contrarily, Jordan Brand incorporated the product tag on the inner lateral side of the 2008 pair.

Elephant Print

Notice how we previously pointed out the difference in red shades on each retro. The same applies with the grey elephant print on each pair. The 2008 version features a brighter red in regards to the accents; however, it contains darker elephant prints hints. The 2011 version features an inverse color correlation by bearing a darker red accent color and a lighter shade of grey on the elephant print sections.


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