Rocsi Won’t Tolerate Your Sexual Advances, Comments on Webbie.

Rocsi Diaz tells NBC Nite Cap correspondent Peter Bailey that she has no shame for taking a stand against the Baton Rouge rapper after he crossed professional boundaries by making vulgar comments to the host during what would become his final appearance on BET.

“I think that we allow that behavior to happen too much in our society and we don’t put light on people being inappropriate,” said Diaz. “It’s okay ladies to speak up and say ‘No, I don’t like to be spoken to in that manner.’ I respect myself and I respect others.”

Webbie On Terrence J: Get Your Hoe, Mayne

“I understand there was probably some type of little crush but there’s a manner in which you speak to people. He disrespected me and Terrence stood up for me and I stood up for myself,” she continued. “The network would not let anybody to come and disrespect their hosts in that manner


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