UN-SWAG!!!: Soulja Boy Facing EVICTION From ATL Pad?

...missing the November rent on his ATL crib ($4,725/month).

Soulja Boywas recently served with eviction papers for missing rent payments on his crib in the ATL. Get the details inside…..

Earlier in the year, someone (likely Soulja Boy) “leaked” a story saying the rapper had bought himself a $55M private jet for his birthday.  We later found out that story was far from true and now we are getting news that he’s not paying his bills.

Soulja was recently served with an eviction notice for missing the November rent on his ATL crib ($4,725/month).  If he doesn’t come up with the money by December 5, he may find all his stuff out on the street. 

So far, Soulja hasn’t commented on the eviction, but since he lists L.A. as his home on “Twitter” maybe he’s not concerned about the ATL crib and just felt like not paying.  Still not a smart move.

However, he did mention that his new album Promise will hit stores in 2012.


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