10 Signs That You’re Addicted To Your Cell Phone

20111207-183400.jpgIn addition to addictions to drugs, sex, and money, which have ruined bodies, hearts, and bank accounts, people have been known to catch addictions to all sorts of odd things—dirt, ice, and plastic surgery. So who says that addictions to cell phones aren’t real? Our Blackberrys, Droid devices, and iPhones are such big parts of our lives that we often become physically and mentally dependent on them. And just like other addicts, we’re so caught up in our unhealthy relationships that we have no idea how real that fixation is.  Keep reading to see ten ways to know you’re addicted to your phone.

You Charge Your Phone In Public Places

Making sure your device was fully charged before leaving for the Watch The Throne concert wasn’t enough. Probably because you used it so much during the 10-minute drive to the show that it’s half-dead by the time you arrive. As a result, your date is waiting for you to come back from “the bathroom” while you’re straddling the walls, looking for a power outlet to plug in.

You Constantly Fall for False Alarms

This one is for the CrackBerry users out there. One way to know a cell phone addiction is real is when you think you see your phone’s notification light blinking in the corner of your eye, only to realize it’s not blinking at all. You probably have different ringers set to go off extra loud for emails, text messages, calls, and sports updates anyway, which makes responding to the phantom notification light that much worse.

You Automatically Look at Your Phone When You Arrive to a Party

You’re going to a party to hang out with the people there—not to text or BBM the people who are somewhere else. Unless, of course, your main focus of going out is to brag to people who can’t go; if that’s the case, you don’t shouldn’t be there anyway. Don’t worry; your phone didn’t fall out of your pocket when you left the train/car, and there are probably more real life friends there than Twitter followers.

You Use Your Cell Phone for Internet-related Things While You’re at Your Computer

Your laptop costs more powerful than your phone, is much easier to use, and is sitting a few inches away from you. So why are you using your EVO—which already runs out of juice quickly—to type your look things up on Wikipedia and tweet about how much you hate class? Oh, we forgot; you’ve got extra batteries for that.

You Can Type Or Perform Phone Functions Without Looking

Are we the only ones that have typed out an entire email to a co-worker, without even looking away from Monday Night Football on the big screen? Ever compose a thumb tantrum to tell your side chick to calm down, while looking wifey dead in the eye? We thought so.

You Only Talk to People Via Text Message

You know what’s annoying? When you call someone and they text you back. Why can’t you talk on the phone instead of texting? Are you so addicted to the idea of not interacting with a real person that you’d rather read words and guess how they’re meant, instead of hearing the inflection of someone’s voice and knowing with more certainty? Oh, OK. Got it.

You Can’t Help Using Your Phone At Dinner

As a rule of thumb, personal interaction trumps digital interaction any day. So why are you insulting the people—or worse, the person—that you met up with for dinner by using your phone at the table? Unless you have a specific urgency that requires immediate attention, the call can probably wait until the meal is over.

You’re Always Rocking a Bluetooth Headset

This was a completely different story about 10 years ago, when Bluetooth technology was becoming more accessible, and it was cool to floss the couple hundred you spent on your headset. But in 2011, you just look like a Trekkie or a customer service representative. Plus, if you’re not in your car while you’re wearing it, you’re showing that you’re more focused on your phone than you are on the world around you.


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