Ballin’: A History of Birdman’s High Priced Purchases

When you think of hip-hop’s biggest spenders, Birdman is one of the first people that comes to mind. The Cash Money records CEO is known for spending big bucks and toting big cash. Even recently reports have surfaced that the #1 stunna has bout a $800k lamborghini. We’re not too sure how true that is, but we’ve gathered up a list of ridiculously big buys that birdman is said to have spent cash on. Check out some of the big ticket items Baby has bought:

Birdman’s White Drop Top Convertible Maybach 62s Landaulet: With a $1.5 million dollar price tag, Birdman’s drop top Maybach is easily one of the most high-priced items he’s bought. Other rappers shouldn’t even try to keep up and get it, only three were made in the world.
Birdman’s 900k Chain: Birdman showed off this chain in DJ Scoob Doo’s Entourage DVD. Not only did Baby get the jeweler on the phone, but he confirmed it is indeed 900k. If you want this many karats too, it will run you $250,000.
Birdman’s $1.5 Million Dollar Chopard Watch: The watch cost as much as the Maybach. And the only person besides Birdman with that model watch is Elton John. That is all.
Lil Wayne’s $1 Million Dollar Chopard Watch: For Weezy’s 27th birthday, Birdman got him one of those million dollar Chopard watches. Like father, like son.
Birdman’s $140,000 Gucci Ring: We all know those Cash Money boys are the “bling bling” kings, but $140k for a ring? That’s beyond ballin’, that is crazy!
Birdman’s $2.1 Million Red Bugatti: Birdman’s Bugatti is another expensive and impressive ride that is part of his collection. Not only did Birdman’s whip cost over $2 million, but it takes about $300,000 to maintain the car yearly. So much for baby money.




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