Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z on the Birth of their Baby Girl! (UPDATE: Ivy Blue Carter)

Congratulations to new mom and dad Beyonce and Jay-Z! It’s a baby girl! We’ve had almost as many false alarms about Beyonce’s labor as we had about her pregnancy, but this time it seems official….The Daily News reports that Beyonce checked into NYC’s Lenox Hill Hospital on Friday night, taking over an entire floor of the labor and delivery department: Hospital workers placed tape over security cameras and are forcing employees to turn in cell phones when they arrive for their shifts, the source said. Several security guards were spotted patrolling the outside of the hospital Saturday night. A Lenox Hill staffer confirmed that a patient named Ingrid Jackson was in a “labor room.” Yup, Beyonce’s alleged birthing alias is…Ingrid Jackson. I can’t wait to hear the story behind that one. (O hay, Ingrid. You too, Ingrid.)


E! Online is reporting that the baby’s name is Blue Ivy Carter, but that is not confirmed. Others are saying that it’s Ivy Blue.


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