Video: ASAP Rocky & ASAP Mob Interview w/ Montreality

In this Interview with Montreality, A$AP Rocky & the A$AP Mob speak about:
– Their story (0:21)
– The type of students they were at school (0:44)
– Jobs they had as teenagers (0:59)
– What they spent their 1st big paychecks on (1:09)
– The key to success (1:35)
– The A$AP Mob compilation album & A$AP Rocky’s debut album (2:14)
– Going on the Club Paradise tour with Drake & Kendrick Lamar (2:35)
– What they would call their book if they were to write one (2:50)
– Memorable tour stories (3:19)
– Artists they would like to work with (3:59)
– Their tattoos (4:39)
– Rumours of A$AP Rocky being in Nas’ Nasty video (4:54)
– What they have in their pockets (5:28)

The Urban Authority across Canada.


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