Rescued Dog Bites NBC Anchor in the Face

Kyle Dyer, an NBC anchorwoman was attacked, live on the show, this past Wednesday by “Gladiator Maximus” a mastiff dog who was rescued from an icy lake just the day before this incident. The show invited the dog as well as the rescuers to the show in order to celebrate the dog’s rescue, but the day made a turn for the worse when the dog bit the anchorwoman in the face.

Of course there are going to be many speculations on whose at fault here. But many have come to the conclusion that it is Dyer’s fault for petting the dog way too much, therefore making it uncomfortable. Animal experts say the anchorwoman should’ve been able to recognize the dog’s body language, (the dog was showing her his teeth) and added that she should’ve never put her face so close to the animal.

“Gladiator Maximus” was taken to a Denver animal shelter where it is being “quarantined.” The dog’s owner will be taken to court on April 4th for this incident, but I don’t think it is necessary, the anchorwoman was obviously at fault, nobody told her to put her face so close to a dog she didn’t even know.

Check out the video footage by clicking on the link below!!!



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