Ray J Speaks On Relationship With Whitney Houston. Admits Kim Kardashian Hypnotized Him With Sex


Ray J has added the title of author to his resume’. The entertainer has teamed with relationship expert and self confessed reformed cheater, Maxwell Billieon to pen a book entitled “Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray.

 Ray J sat down with Kevin Frazier of The Insider to explain that he needed to write the book in order to exorcise old demons.

 “I wrote the book because I’m going through a growth process n my life and in order for me to take this process to the next level I wanted to recognize a lot of the things that I’ve done in my past, especially in my relationships,” explained Ray J.

 Frazier asked him about his relationship with Whitney Houston. The two have been romantically linked, but Ray J insisted they were just friends.

 “You know they blow this thing out of proportion,” Ray responded. “That’s my friend. I’ve been knowing her for years and years and she’s a friend of the family. When we go out the next day it’s everywhere and it’s so many different stories, but that’s my people, that’s my friend.”

 In the book Ray J describes being hypnotized by sex by a woman he would only reveal by her initials “KK.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he’s talking about former girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

 Frazier asks him about that segment in the book.

 “Absolutely. I was hypnotized,” he admitted. “Waking up in the morning with toothpaste already on the toothbrush, a warm towel all ready to go to wash your face. Just certain different perks of being with a woman like that could really trap you into an emotional world that’s hard to get out of. As far as sex, it was intense. As far as the relationship with KK, it was a roller coaster ride of fun and emotions and infidelity and lies…from both ends. We were the same person, we lived the same life, we lied the same, we cheated the same. We were the same person just in different forms.

 Both he and “KK” knew they were cheating with other people and that’s what caused the relationship to end.

 If you’re interested in picking up Ray’s new book it goes on sale February 14th.




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