Tips for The Perfect Valentines Day

If you want to show your love and appreciation to your special someone on Valentine’s day, put some effort into it and to guarantee getting off on the right foot, give them a gentle kiss and a hug along with anything else you are planning. Affection is something most of us crave and Valentine’s Day is all about affection. Once you have this part down, you can move on to any of the following hot tips for the perfect Valentines Day

Bring Out Your Creative Side

A great way to kick off your Valentine’s day is with a card you have made yourself or even a store bought one with a poem you’ve written inside. Don’t just sign it and say a few words; really express your passion and share something that is sure to make your other half smile.

Give Them Music

As corny or cliché as it might seem, a mixed CD is still one of the more romantic things a person can give, especially for newer couples. It takes effort on your part which will be appreciated and also demonstrates that you pay attention to the things that they like. Everyone appreciates being paid attention to which means you’re a good listener, one of the most important attributes in relationships.

Classic Valentine Gifts

Jewelry is a classic way to woo the woman in your life. Always a keeper is a heart shaped locket with a picture or memento of you inside it so she can always keep you close. You can get all sorts of jewelry with little keepsakes built in as well so you’ll be able to easily find something that fits your loved ones preferences. You can even have the jewelry engraved giving it an even more personalized touch.

Flowers, chocolates and Valentine’s Day almost always go together. They may seem to be an old fashioned way to go but history has shown us that they will always be a favorite for any romantic occasion. It’s actually not a bad idea to spring these gifts on your special someone any time of the year for a reaction you’re guaranteed to appreciate. Go a step further and give her flowers that are her favorites and you’re sure to be on her good side for weeks to come.

Think Out of the Box and Into the Kitchen

If a guy cooks his sweetheart dinner, while the lucky recipient enjoys a glass of wine, that they served her, he is guaranteed to experience a romantic interlude later. If you follow it up with high end chocolate or a rich and creamy chocolate cake, you’ll be her hero for life!

Ultimately, the key to a great Valentines Day 2012 is love, personal attention and thoughtfulness. Think about your loved one when putting together whatever surprises and gifts you might be planning on. Just make sure that they feel loved and that it’s obvious you put thought into it. Don’t just buy a card; make a card, don’t just do the usual; go out somewhere extraordinary or make a well thought out dinner at home. Make it a Valentine’s Day they’ll remember forever.

Keep the romance going even after Valentine’s Day. You shouldn’t just your show love and affection one day an entire year. If you want to keep your love alive, take the time to make your loved one feel treasured even if it’s not Valentine’s Day. Plan special times together, show up with flowers for no reason or have dinner ready when they come home. Little, thoughtful actions will go a long way.

Most important of all; plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute and end up flying into a convenience store to pick up a generic card and a candy bar. Take the time show your soul mate just how important they are to you; it will be well worth the effort.

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