How To Pull Off The Jean Jacket Successfully!

Wearing The Jacket

Tips for wearing a denim jacket are simple.

  • Never ‘double up’ on denim. If you’re wearing a denim jacket, that means try no denim jeans, and definitely no denim shirts.
  • If you must mix denims, mix up the washes. Extremely dark wash jeans and a faded shearling-lined jacket is a great example.
  • Never wear your jacket with shorts.
  • Try pairing your jacket with a stiff pair of khakis and a dress shirt for a casual Friday look, or ragged cords and a t-shirt for a grunge-inspired casual outfit.
  • To preserve the wash, treat the jacket as you would if it were a pair of jeans. Wash infrequently, and expect some shrinkage with hot-water washes.
  • Don’t wear the jacket too often, unless you want to be known as ‘that denim jacket guy’, which is a terrible thing to be known as.


  • Though more versatile than given credit for, the denim jacket is still something of a niche piece; with a time, place, and personal style climate required for pulling it off.
  • Difficult to pull off sometimes, you can rock the denim jacket by sticking to a few key points.
  • Buy for your look.

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