How To Pull Off The Jean Jacket Successfully!

Wearing The Jacket

Tips for wearing a denim jacket are simple.

  • Never ‘double up’ on denim. If you’re wearing a denim jacket, that means try no denim jeans, and definitely no denim shirts.
  • If you must mix denims, mix up the washes. Extremely dark wash jeans and a faded shearling-lined jacket is a great example.
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My Take On “2011 Mens Fall Fashion”…

Winter is slowly coming upon us and it’s that time to shift our fashion sense to be prepared for “Hoodie Season!”… As Fashion/Style shifts in various directions; some subtle, and some “out of the box” and bold. Some of us will be adventurous enough to embrace some of these style cues while some of us may not; to each his own. This change in weather sparks another phase is fashion and style… Here is my take on Mens’ Fall fashion through my eyes:

This Fall Rugby By Ralph Lauren has come out with a few new colorways on allot out the existing designs. Their style is a mix of bold colors on slightly faded medium quilt fabric. Keeping to the Authentic prep look and giving a platform for us “The Fly” to work with. I kind of feel a cool rebellious but super preppy feel every time I’m in the Rugby Store and their use of “vintage patches” is ridiculous. All shirts come with a patch/ emblem, however vintage patches are sold separate, which can be added to other items like jackets, Scarks, duffle bags, etc.. Look out for their limited edition “Tweed Run” british inspired collection capturing the spirit of the tweed run cycling event… with vintage suit jackets.

Rugby, for my taste always feels good when I’m out in the city /soho out shopping or a casual social event. Definitely look out for  Rugby if your style allows you to pull off a preppy look. Rugby

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