Clarks Wallabee Original Addiction!


From School to the streets, the Clarks Original Wallabees have been a staple where I grew up. From gracing the feet of some high profile celebs from the Wu-Tang Clan to Bigge Smalls all the way up to vintage enthuiasists and socialites.

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Style 101: Theophilus London

Dressed in a wide brim hat, Moscot glasses, and a homemade tour jacket, a pair of Black/Silver Air Jordan 5s are the last thing you expect to see on the feet of Theophilus London. Accept the new. In a generation where upstart MCs get more shine from streetwear brands than their record label, Theophilus is as much of standout artistically as he is visually mixing and matching from his favorite eras and styles.

His memory of sneaker nostalgia is as rich as most, but his commitment to a trend or aligning himself with a style is where he leaves most musicians and fashion gurus in the dust. Make no mistake though, he’s on top of his kick game. Still mapping out your plan to get the Cool Grey 11s? Theophilus got his months ago, in bulk.

Recently Theophilus sat down with us to talk shoes and fashion. Theophilus tells us the first pair he had growing up, his favorite sneaker (or lack thereof), switching between kicks and loafers, and taking the number one spot on Celebrity Sneaker Stalker. Continue reading

TI$A Vi$ion Vintage Snapback Hats

Coming straight from the 80′s into the 2000′s, designer Taz Arnold, through his unique sense of style and creativity, has put together these classic TI$A Vi$ion vintage snapback hats (ranging from $50-$75). These hats take you back to when Starter jackets and hats were more prevalent in the urban community than any high end fashion brand.The TI$A brand provides an unparalleled experience that has never been seen before, utilizing color with intelligence and great detail to form a unique and innovative approach to style.

TI$A By Taz Arnold

If you haven’t noticed TISA… The brand that has been spotted in countless “Big Sean” videos or being worn by the likes of Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa . From the creative mind of Taz Arnold… “Tisa, in Swahili, means “ninth born.” And “tesa” in Arabic, means “nine.” And in numerology, 9 means completion. Continue reading

Fall Fashion Essentials!

So with the temperature drops in the last few days, I can no longer ignore the fact that fall is almost upon us. Where I live the temperature changed from 87 degrees to 65 degrees in two days, so it’s officially almost time to start packing away my tiny sundresses, sandals, denim cutoffs and bikinis and start thinking about layering, scarves, sweaters and boots. I figured I would share some of my favorite fall essentials with you all as we all prepare for the full switch to Autumn and try not to get sick during this awkward in between time. Continue reading