Amber Rose On Her Mom Smoking Weed With Wiz Khalifa: “Wiz Is Like The Son She Never Had”

“Kiss my ass and my anus because its finally famous!” is the kind of Facebook wisdom Amber Rose’s mom appreciates reading before reaching for her morning kush and orange juice. Who are you to judge?

Amber Rose hit up the Soul Train Awards red carpet last night at the Fox Theater, and this morning she stopped by Hot 107.9 and the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and dished on her relationship with Wiz Khalifa, her ex Kanye West, her brief fling with Reggie Bush and a whole lot more!While Amber said she doesn’t smoke weed, she did admit that her mother smokes weed with Wiz. Amber also revealed two of her pet names for Wiz: “my little hamburger helper” and “monkey yum yum.”

Weekly Edible Arrangements deliveries to Mama Ambot with a card attached that says ‘thank you for being a friend’ from Wiz are more than justified.

Watch the exclusive video to see what Wiz calls Amber! Hot107.9 & Crunktastical



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